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"There are known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns."

Scenario Building

We do just one thing: scenario-building with you and our team.

Our approach is built on classical but highly evolved state-of-the-art strategic scenario building and action-planning methodology. 

Rather than simply attempting to forecast the future, we look at multiple uncertainties to develop multiple scenarios upon which you may take concrete applied actions. We do this across industries.

We believe that great predictive scenario building is based on 3 simple things: asking the right questions, being as specific, granular, and practical as possible, and applying highly creative thinking backed by world-class research and senior domain experts in their fields. 

Scenario Alliance Network

The Scenario Alliance maintains a globally diverse network of world-class experts who are brought in on a specialized and custom basis for any scenario under development. Our panel of world-class experts provide brains, experience, and their own contacts and resources for any strategic question under examination.

Scenario Building Training

Our view is that our client organizations should be self-sustaining, at their option, for doing their own scenario development planning and action planning. To that end, we make our proprietary Scenario Alliance Building Methodology © available for use at no charge on an on-going transfer basis.

In order to accomplish this, we offer a set on online e-learning courses on our privately-hosted platform.

Specialized Advisory Services

We are available to provide specialized assistance related to scenario building to clients upon request. 

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